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Soleluna Stargazer Mother of Pearl Diamond Necklace – Cancer


Cancer | The Crab (June 21 – July 22)
Designed for the dreamy and thoughtful Cancer.
Finely crafted with Black Mother of Pearl set in 10K Rose Gold, adorned with natural mined diamonds for a special touch of elegance. Perfectly captured the celestial silhouettes, embodying the interstellar energy of your zodiac sign that represents the unique bonds between the universe and you.  Beautifully illustrated the beacons of light that paved the constellations and guide our way in times of darkness.

  • 10K Rose Gold with 2 pieces of round brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 0.04ct and a piece of Black Mother of Pearl
  • Pendant Size: Width 1.6cm x Height 1.6cm
  • Total length of the chain: 45cm
Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Soleluna Stargazer Mother of Pearl Diamond Necklace – Cancer

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    1. All Soleluna Stargazer Collection purchased from E-Store are subject to availability and will be made to order should the requested stock is not available in our current inventory.

    2. For Soleluna Stargazer collection, delivery will take up to 2 weeks to be processed.

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