The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Wedding Ring

Author: DeGem | 2023-07-08

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Find The Perfect Ring Easier With This Wedding Ring Guide - DeGem



Feeling unsure about how to choosing choose the right ring to symbolize your vows? With this wedding ring guide, we’ve made finding the perfect ring easier. From budgeting to metal types to sizing and more, here’s what our in-house experts have to say on picking out the perfect ring to immortalize your love.


What Does A Wedding Ring Symbolize?


Wedding Ring Symbolize Eternal Love and Legal Unity Within A Relationship - DeGem


A wedding ring (or wedding band, the terms are used interchangeably) represents eternal love, devotion, and legal unity within a relationship. This physical piece of jewellery also symbolizes the vows that each partner makes during the marriage ceremony — worn for life thereafter as a constant reminder of the promises they make at the altar, and an outward sign of their commitment to each other.
A wedding ring’s symbolism is closely associated with its shape: an unbroken circle that has no beginning or end, representing a sense of totality, wholeness, and eternity.

The ring itself tends to be quite simple. It’s not uncommon, however, for people to personalize their wedding rings with diamonds, gemstones, and even engravings. Such rings can reflect a couple’s unique style and story, adding even more meaning to an already incredibly symbolic piece of jewellery.


Choosing The Right Wedding Ring Metal


Platinum And Yellow Gold Are The Most Popular Wedding Ring Metal - DeGem


The most popular precious metals for wedding rings are platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. 

Recent years have seen platinum wedding rings become more popular, perhaps due in part to the growing trend of vintage-inspired rings, as well as the fact that platinum as a metal does not change colour overtime. It also helps that platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, with a weight and density that lend it a rather substantial feel in hand. 

Still, yellow gold remains a classic choice that looks fabulous on just about any skin tone, while white gold is a timeless choice that complements and enhances the whiteness of diamonds. Also available is rose gold, which has a lovely pinkish hue and adds an extra touch of romance to any ring. There’s a reason why most consider it a more fashionable alternative to traditional precious metals.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. But it stays true to the story that is uniquely yours, etched in the stars. With DeGem, you’ll find a wide variety of wedding rings for women and men, featuring timeless designs, intricate details, and classic symbolism. Alternatively, you can design your own bespoke ring — the perfect way to bring your unique story to life.


How Much Money Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring?


How Much Money To Spend On A Wedding Ring Is A Personal Decision - DeGem


How much you spend on a wedding ring is very much a personal decision. A classic, plain metal band will be cheaper. An eternity ring with dazzling diamonds, on the other hand, will cost more due to the added cost of diamonds. With that said, to get the most bling for your buck, here are a few things to keep in mind when budgeting for your wedding ring:


Enter a world of breathtaking elegance brimming with exquisite style. DeGem offers thoughtful and unique wedding ring styles for men and for women, each beautifully crafted and priced to suit every budget. From timeless plain metal rings that start around MYR 1,850, to diamond-encrusted eternity rings over MYR 11,700, DeGem’s incredible choice and value means you’ll always be able to uncover the best wedding ring at every price, with no compromises.

For rings that stack seamlessly next to engagement rings, try the Infinity® Arc , Infinity® Vie , Infinity® Nest , or Infinity® Venn.


Personalizing Your Wedding Ring


Personalized Wedding Ring Add Special Touch To Your Wedding - DeGem


Make your “I do” even more meaningful with a personalized, engravable wedding ring — the perfect way to add a special touch to your happily ever after. Have your ring inscribed with your initials, date, or even a special message. Engraving length varies with ring type and size.


How To Measure Your Ring Size

The best way to find your ring size is to visit any of DeGem’s physical boutiques and have your finger sized by our experts. If that’s not possible, you can measure your finger at home using a string or piece of paper. Here’s how to do it: 


Guide To Measure Your Wedding Ring Size - DeGem Guide To Measure Your Wedding Ring Size - DeGemTable Showing The International Ring Size Converter - DeGem


1. Wrap a piece of string or a thin strip of paper around the base of your ring finger.

2. Make sure it’s snug but not too tight (you don’t want your ring slipping off, but it should still slide over your knuckle with ease).

3. Use a marker to mark the spot on the paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle, and then measure that length with a ruler in millimetres.


If you’re somewhere in between sizes, it’s usually best to go up to the larger size. As part of our commitment to you here at DeGem, we offer a free one-time ring resizing within three months of your purchase, but no more than three sizes up or down.


Infinity® Wedding Bands by DeGem


 Infinity Wedding Bands Sets Are Designed With Elements Of Masculinity And Femininity - DeGem


Our Infinity® signature wedding bands sets are designed in pairs with elements of masculinity and femininity, to represent the harmony of two souls meeting as one. Choose from our wide selection featuring diamonds, gold and platinum, in classic and contemporary styles to suit your lifestyle and unique personalities.
No matter the style, DeGem Infinity® wedding bands are renowned for having superior comfort fit. Every Infinity® wedding ring is meticulously crafted by our team of skillful craftsmen for optimum durability and ease-to-wear.


Get a Customised Wedding Ring


Customise A Wedding Ring To Remember Your Love Story - DeGem 


As an alternative, make your love story one to remember by customising a one-of-a-kind wedding ring with DeGem. Message us to make an appointment for further consultation.



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