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Conch Pearl Art Deco Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold

Design Code: PRP00149

Renowned for their lively pink hues and remarkable flame patterns, Conch pearls are a rarity in the world of jewellery. This bold 18K white gold Art Deco-inspired pendant features a harmonious display of various diamonds, representing all our connections in life’s journey to reach an extraordinary purpose. 

A radiant fusion of round, baguette and briolette cut diamonds, totalling 1.35 carats, come together in an artful geometric pattern surrounding the pink Conch pearl. Produced naturally by Queen Conch mollusks from the Caribbean Sea, one Conch pearl is found out of every 10,000 Conchs. 

An enchanting reminder of the wonders found in the depths of the ocean, its timeless design can be passed down through generations as an heirloom piece. Wear this conversation starter as a statement of embracing the unconventional. 

  • 18K white gold
  • Conch pearl, 3.8 carats
  • 4 round brilliant diamonds, totalling 0.11 carats
  • 5 baguette diamonds, totalling 0.62 carats
  • 2 briolette diamonds, totalling 0.62 carats
  • Design code: PRP00149

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