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DeGem Grand Padparadscha Sapphire Ring with Fancy Diamonds in Platinum

Design Code: BRL000618

Padparadscha is the rarest and most valuable shade of Sapphire, an exotic mixture between pink and orange, with its name derived from the Sanskrit word used to describe an aquatic lotus blossom. The DeGem Grand Padparadscha Sapphire Ring, in a remarkable 10 carats, is an extraordinary jewel that blends the majestic elements of beauty, colours and artistry. With vivid hues that exude an otherworldly glow, the oval Padparadscha centerstone is flanked by two fancy-cut diamonds, and embellished with a cocktail of accent diamonds, set on a breathtakingly crafted Art-Deco-inspired platinum setting with intricate curves and swirls that bring the ring to life. Whispering tales of adventure and romance in a realm of dreams and aspirations, this natural and unheated sapphire ring is a treasure to be passed down through generations. 

  • Platinum with yellow gold prongs
  • Padparadscha sapphire in 10 carats, natural and unheated
  • 2 fancy-cut diamonds, totalling 1.4 carats
  • 29 tapered diamonds, totalling 0.6 carats
  • 126 melee round brilliant diamonds, totalling 1.3 carats
  • Design code: BRL000618

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