The Difference Between Bangles and Bracelets

Author: DeGem | 2023-06-19

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key differences between bangles and bracelets - DeGem


Wrist jewellery has long been a popular way to accessorize. Bangles and bracelets, in particular, are often seen as simple yet powerful fashion statements traditionally symbolizing prosperity and health. Despite their obvious similarities, however, they do differ quite a bit. Here's a quick rundown of the key differences between bangles and bracelets.


What are bangles?


bangles is a round or oval-shaped jewellery made of metal that fits over the wrist - DeGem


So, what are bangles, exactly? Interestingly, this time-honoured form of jewellery has its roots pretty close to home, originating from tribal traditions and distant ethnicities across Southeast Asia and the Central African region some 4600 years ago.


Centuries later, bangles remain ever popular among millions of women and men today.


The modern bangle is a round or oval-shaped, rigid piece of jewellery made of metal. And, unlike a bracelet, typically fits over the wrist without buckles or clasps. Also, bangles are seldom worn alone but stacked together. A stack of these stylish circular bands lends colour and texture to an outfit while being versatile enough to suit any style.


When wearing bangles, it's important to consider the occasion. For instance, a simple, no-frills bangle will work just fine for a grocery run or a fun night out with friends. On the other hand, bangles with more embellishments — such as an elaborate gold or diamond bangle — would look absolutely stunning at a wedding or big dress-up event.


Wearability also matters when considering bangle designs – choose ones that are easy to open and close for user friendliness, like the De Beers Forevermark Avaanti bangle. Consult your jeweller for the best size to suit your individual wrist size, so that it is not too loose that it will slip off your wrist but have sufficient space for your comfort.


What are bracelets?


bracelets features a chain-like design that typically fastened using clasps - DeGem


Bracelets go way back, perhaps even earlier than bangles. The earliest bracelets date back to 7,000 years ago, and were made from shells, blades of grass, and even tree branches. Eventually, precious metals like gold and diamonds took over as the material of choice, giving rise to the stunning, status-defining bracelets we know and love today.


Most bracelets feature a chain-like design, making them more fluid, and are typically fastened using clasps. Additionally, unlike bangles, bracelets are often worn alone as standalone pieces — a single bracelet on the arm conveys beauty and simplicity like no other. The more casual bracelets are often made from beads or charms, and are perfect for everyday wear. In contrast, luxe pieces like tennis, gold or diamond bracelets will look great at just about any formal occasion.


Take DeGem's Diamond Tennis Bracelet, for instance. This versatile everyday bracelet consists of a single row of natural diamonds, each carefully hand-picked to be uniform in size, cut, colour and clarity. Set side by side, these diamonds encircle the wrist, displaying the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of diamonds in their purest form. This stunning bracelet also features premium-crafted secure clasps and novel diamond setting designs to ensure that each carefully selected diamond stays safely in place for years to come.


The Bottom Line


The key difference between a bangle and a bracelet is that bangles do not have a fastening device, whereas bracelets are usually equipped with a fastening device such as a clasp or lock. Bangles are typically fashioned to be stay in a round or oval shape, providing an edgier, stylish look. On the other hand, bracelets are more flexible and fluid, making them more comfortable for some.


You do not have to stick to one choice for life – in this day and age, it is fun to stack a few bangles or bracelets together on one arm when you want more volume.


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