May Birthstone Colour & Meaning - Emerald

Author: DeGem | 2023-10-21

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May Birthstone Colour Emerald On Jewellery - DeGem


May Birthstone Colour – Emerald

Emerald’s captivating shades have been described in many ways. Some evoke verdant tea fields, others drift toward blue forest shades, while some shimmer like facets of a spring-green sky. What’s for certain, however, is the bewitching allure of this enigmatic May birthstone — and its timeless meaning and history.


Whether you're an incurable romantic or a modern minimalist, prepare to dazzle with every step you take in the glorious, lush colour of May's birthstone. Here’s all you need to know about emerald's meaning, symbolism, and care.


May Birthstone Colour Emerald On Pendant - DeGem


Get To Know Emerald, May's Birthstone


Emerald gets its name from the Greek word smaragdus, meaning "green." And, true to its name, this May birthstone comes in every shade of the colour imaginable: from a light, ethereal green with a mist of blue or yellow, to a lush, saturated hue.


Emerald gets its remarkable colour from trace amounts of chromium and/or vanadium present in the mineral beryl. Iron impurities can also sometimes infuse the stone with a slightly yellowish or bluish tint.


Most Emeralds are highly included by nature, and thus oiling treatment is common to fill in cracks in the gem to improve clarity and stability of the gem. The less oiling an Emerald undergoes, the more valuable it is, provided its colour is an attractive shade of green, with the most prestigious shade of green being vivid green, also called Muzo green.


Today, the finest of natural Emeralds are from Colombia and Zambia. Emeralds from Colombia command a higher price-per-carat due to its long-standing reputation as the leader in mining quality Emeralds. The rising star and competition is Zambian Emeralds, with greater levels of clarity, less inclusions and a desirable vivid green bluish colour, since its discovery in the 1970s.


Emeralds over 5 carats are rarer to mine, and its value rises dramatically for stones of outstanding sizes and clarity. High jewellery may center on Emeralds over 10 carats. They may also be carved into fantastical forms, as the gem’s Jardin green can be showcased in one-of-a-kind, imaginative designs.

Emerald Birthstone Meaning


The dazzling colour of an emerald evokes an array of powerful emotion — from passion and joy to luck and prosperity. But beyond its beauty, this May birthstone colour holds many symbolic meanings — ancient and modern alike.


Ancient writings tell us that this May birthstone was closely linked to the gods — from Venus to Krishna — beings who embodied love, fertility, and wisdom. In the realm of the mystics, emeralds held great standing. Medieval priests used the gem to strengthen memory and bring clarity of thought. Divinators would place emeralds under their tongues in rituals meant to bring visions of the future.


Today, emerald birthstones symbolize loyalty, new beginnings, peace, and security. Their vibrant colour has also been linked to calm, tranquillity, and the life-giving power of nature.

Emerald Birthstone Jewellery Care


Emeralds are durable with a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s scale, but they are not as tough as they are hard due to their heavy inclusions. Hence emeralds require special care to preserve their colour and beauty.


To clean, simply use warm water and a soft brush, and avoid ultrasonic cleaners or any other abrasive cleaning solutions. Be sure to keep your emerald away from heat and intense light, and avoid sudden temperature changes.


Because of its inclusions and frailties, it isn’t unusual for an emerald to need gentle repairs. Oils, waxes, and synthetic resins can be used to fill any surface-reaching fractures. Reach out to your local jeweller for more information on emerald care.

Final Thoughts


It's hard not to swoon over May's divine birthstone, emerald. Green and vibrant, the gemstone conveys a feeling of boldness and joy — all while glimmering with charismatic charisma. But this birthstone colour isn't just about beauty; it also has an exquisite past, having been luxuriously treasured by Ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Incas alike. If that's not enough to make you jewel-hungry, then perhaps the powerful meanings associated with it — from hope to new beginnings — will.


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