Usher In The Chinese New Year With These Jewellery

Author: DeGem | 2023-11-28

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Top Jewellery Picks For Good Fortune During Chinese New Year - DeGem


Adorn yourself in glittering tributes to the lunar calendar's renewal. Whether you’re dressing up for a family feast, or shopping for elders and loved ones, ring in the Chinese New Year styled for good fortune with our top jewellery picks. From vibrant necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and earrings to meaningful charms, pendants, and rings — these will be your auspicious centerpieces in the New Year to come.

Best Pieces to Give your Loved Ones this CNY

 Gold Jewellery Is A Thoughtful Chinese New Year Gift - DeGem


Gold Jewellery

Now more accessible than ever, CNY’s favourite metal of choice adds ribbons of wealth and prosperity to any style. Gold is a long-standing symbol of power, wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese culture. It’s considered the most respectful and thoughtful gift one can give — especially if it corresponds to that year’s Chinese zodiac animal or to that of the recipient.

Jade Jewellery


Pearl Jewellery Is A Elegant Gift For Chinese New Year - DeGem


Jadeite pendants, bracelets, and rings make fantastic Chinese New Year jewellery gifts! Jadeite has been treasured by the Chinese for over 7,000 years, holding a profound meaning of wealth, power, safety, and fortune. Gift jadeite jewellery to young family, friends, and loved ones for good health, protection, and fortune in the new year.

Pearl Jewellery


Pearl Jewellery Is A Elegant Gift For Chinese New Year - DeGem


Often associated with wisdom and purity, pearls are a popular and elegant jewellery choice for Chinese New Year. From timeless Akoya pearls to opulent golden South Sea pearls, these beautiful gems have long been a symbol of longevity, spirituality, and harmony in traditional Chinese culture. Whether it’s a single-strand pearl necklace, a two-strand bracelet, or a pair of earrings — the right pearl jewellery will carry its wearer through all the festivities in sophisticated style.

Diamond Jewellery


Gift Diamond Jewellery To Show Gratitude During Chinese New Year - DeGem


Diamonds might not be traditionally Chinese, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make excellent gifts! These sparkly stunners are the ultimate way to show your gratitude and affection for the important people in your life. Besides looking stunning, diamonds are said to glow with positive energy and attract good fortune. And though often exchanged between couples as a symbol of unwavering devotion, they can also be a great way for family and friends to celebrate the past year and toast to what is yet to come.




Chinese New Year Jewellery For The Year Of The Dragon - DeGem


Welcome in the Year of the Dragon with fine Chinese New Year jewellery from DeGem. Share prosperity and joy with those closest to your heart. Wish your loved ones long life and good fortune with our exquisite range of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, charms and more. Bring in the new year with the gift of good beginnings and the sparkle of new aspirations. Shop online here.

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