Author: DeGem | 2024-01-19

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Usher in the Lunar New Year with DeGem’s Gold & Jadeite Dragon Collection


Roar into the New Year with DeGem’s the Charisma of Dragon collection, with exclusive new designs featuring yellow gold, Type A Fine Jadeite and scintillating diamonds.  


Inspired by the majesty of dragons, the new collection combines mythical allure with modern elegance. Each piece is a masterpiece, expertly crafted to reflect the strength, grace, and timeless allure associated with these mythical creatures. 


DeGem’s golden and jadeite zodiac pendants are annual bestsellers – perfect to ring in the Lunar New Year, and highly favoured as treasured heirloom gifts for loved ones. 2024’s Jadeite & Golden Dragon are the latest addition to DeGem’s tradition – featuring 3 new adorable designs with profound blessings for your New Year, from RM2680 onwards.    


Lucky Energy Dragon金龙 Gold Pendant


Embrace the auspicious energy of the Lucky Energy Dragon Gold Pendant, and make a statement of positivity. The chubby dragon is made of 916 yellow gold with a touch of brilliant diamond on its eyes. 


Lucky Energy Dragon金龙 Gold Pendant


Jubilant Diamond Dragon 金龙Pendant


Glow with the radiance of diamonds and let this dragon pendant become a cherished heirloom that tells a story of celebration and timeless elegance. Featuring a dragon pendant made of 916 gold, with round brilliant diamonds on its belly and its eyes.


Jubilant Diamond Dragon 金龙Pendant


Harmony Dragon 玉龙 Jade Pendant


A triumphant dragon guards an exceptional fine green Jadeite, the ultimate symbol of health and safety—the perfect combination of two symbols of cultural significance, for blessed harmony. Featuring a natural green Type A Jadeite disc encircling a brilliant cut diamond at its heart.


Harmony Dragon 玉龙 Jade Pendant

DeGem’s 2024 the Charisma of Dragon collection is now available across all DeGem boutiques, locate us here at www.degemdiamond.com/branches to discover more. 

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