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BrilliantC® Connect Diamond Pendant Necklace in 18K Rose Gold

Design Code: GP5801
MYR 19,800

Inspired by the unconditional support of family and significant bonds of those close to our hearts, the BrilliantC® Connect collection is a powerful embodiment of connection and unity. It features graduated sizes of ideal-cut BrilliantC® diamonds in an endless loop, intricately woven together by intersecting lines to represent the unique individuals and relationships of those connected. 

This 18K Rose Gold necklace is an evocation of a group embrace from loved ones. Eight captivating ideal-cut BrilliantC® diamonds come together to form the pendant in the shape of a diamond; a stunning visualisation of the intertwined nature of relationships and shared journey of those connected. A meaningful piece to be worn daily as a reminder to hold your dreams close, love openly and embrace every possibility. 

  • 18K Rose Gold
  • 8 ideal-cut BrilliantC® diamonds, available in:
    - 4 x 0.15 carat and 4 x 0.08 carat:  RM13,200.00
    - Also available in 4 x 0.20 carat and 4 x 0.10 carat: RM19,500.00 , contact us now. 
  • Design code: GP5801

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