DeGem Debuts Extraordinary 14-Carat Miracle Ruby Ring

Author: DeGem | 2023-09-14

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"Rare & Pigeon Blood Red in Exceptional Weight"

14 Carat Pigeon Blood Red Ruby Diamond Ring - DeGem Miracle Ruby Debut


DeGem debuts the DeGem Miracle Ruby, an extraordinary 14-carat Ruby possessing the most valuable Pigeon Blood red colour and fine clarity, mounted into a masterfully crafted diamond-embellished ring. Resplendent with strong luster and fire, this natural Ruby from Mozambique in unheated and untreated form, is considered by grading experts as rare and exceptional.


DeGem is a Malaysian-based regional jeweller, through over 40 years of business and three generations in the trade, has built direct access to ethical gemstone mines, and mastered the art of cutting gemstones from rough to polished stone, with rare pieces sold in international 


In 2022, from the Montepuez mine in Mozambique, DeGem invested in a few lots of ruby rough with high grade colour, and has been deep at work in cutting the rough to achieve their highest potential in beauty and value. 


The first to graduate from the faceting table is the DeGem Miracle Ruby, in a remarkable weight of 14 carats, having undergone a total of six months of planning, forming and handcutting the process requires step-by-step examination by DeGem and its specialist artisanal lapidarists for each thoughtfully formed facet.


Pigeon Blood is the rarest and most valuable shade in a Ruby, usually a desirable, saturated crimson red colour with slight purplish undertones. The term is thought to originate from the all other Rubies.


The recent world record for the most valuable Ruby to sell at auction went to a Mozambique rubies.

To view a video of the 14- link to access.


14 Carat Pigeon Blood Red Ruby Diamond Ring Front View - DeGem Miracle Ruby Debut

DeGem's extraordinary 14-carat Miracle Ruby is pollshed stone todebut after its roughwas purchased from the Montequez mine in Mozambique. It has been masterfully set onto a double halo casing with brilliant-cut diamonds.




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