A Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery

Author: DeGem | 2023-04-14

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Costume or cheap jewellery, while great on a budget, can tarnish and damage easily. As we age, we grow to appreciate the better quality fine jewellery crafted from gold (18k - 24k) and platinum. These timeless metals are durable for daily wear, lasting you for years beyond. But the question remains: how can you ensure they look pristine and sparkly when you wear them?


Fortunately, with a little bit of care and TLC, your jewellery can stay shining and beautiful for years to come. In that spirit, we've put together a guide on how to care for your jewellery, including tips to clean and store it properly. Read on.



take care of your jewellery to stay shiny and beautiful - DeGem



1.    Clean Your Jewellery Often


Before storing your jewellery, wipe it down with a soft, lint-free cloth. This helps remove any dirt, oil, or moisture collected on the surface.


It’s normal for diamonds and gold jewellery to dull slightly as they catch dirt, dead skin cells and sebum overtime. To clean them at home, just steep them in hot water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid or even a simple baking soda for ten minutes to half an hour, and use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush around the piece. Give it a rinse under normal temperature water and wipe dry with a soft cloth, and your jewellery will look clean again.


Whenever going about your day and wearing your jewellery, avoid contact with harsh or abrasive cleaning products, as they might scratch or dull your jewellery.



clean your jewellery with a lint-free cloth before storing it - DeGem



2.    Keep Your Jewellery Dry


Moisture is the number one enemy when it comes to certain types of jewellery such as silver jewellery or 9K gold jewellery. If left unworn and kept aside for long, the moisture in the air will cause tarnish and wear. To prevent this, store your precious gems or metals away from bathrooms or open windows (e.g. right under the sun). The same tip applies to all jewellery, keeping it safe from accidental falls into drains and out of windows.


If your items do get wet, say after swimming or doing anything else that involves sweat — don't just put them back in their box. Run your pieces through clean water and air them out for a while in a well-ventilated area. Store them away only after they have completely dried. And when possible, store them with silica packs.


Another trick here is to wear your jewellery after applying lotions, perfume, or hairspray — not before, as certain gemstones may fade, tarnish, or discolour when exposed to these chemicals. This is especially handy for preventing discolouration of your 9K and 10K gold jewellery.



store your precious gems and metal away from bathrooms or open windows- DeGem



3.    Avoid Wearing Jewellery For Physical Activities


Conventional wisdom tells us to avoid wearing jewellery for activities where it might get damaged, such as gardening, boxing, or working out in the gym. You don’t want to bend the piece or cause prongs to loosen, which will lead to the loss of your precious stones. So be careful to remove your jewellery before engaging in these activities. Stretching or doing yoga is alright — just be careful not to let your jewellery come into contact with any hard surfaces.



ensure to remove your jewellery before any physical activities - DeGem



4.    Get Your Jewellery Professionally Serviced


Your plated jewellery (for instance, white gold will lose its lustre some time down the road. Your wearing habits determine how fast this happens. The good news is, you can get it replated once every 2-5 years so that it looks brand new. Sporting any platinum pieces? You can also get them polished by a jeweller and see them sparkle in all their former glory.


Whenever you can, make use of DeGem's complimentary jewellery cleaning services at one of our retail locations. We use professional tools and cleaning processes to make your jewellery look practically brand new. While we're at it, we can also make sure your diamonds or gemstones are securely set. Visit any DeGem store today to experience our exceptional jewellery care for yourself.


Before You Go…


Caring for your jewellery takes more than just deciding where to keep your most valuable baubles. Like a beloved car or handbag, some TLC is involved to keep your priced possession pristine for longer. If you wear jewellery every day like many of us, as long as you follow our care guide and tips on how to clean and care for your jewellery — worry not — they'll stay beautiful for a lifetime.


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