Valentine's Day Jewellery Gift Ideas For Her

Author: DeGem | 2023-11-30

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Best Valentines Day Jewellery Gift Ideas For Her And Him - DeGem


Candlelit dinners, chocolates, and roses — it’s the season for romance, and we’re feeling the love. As Valentine's Day draws closer, there's no better way to show your admiration and love than with the perfect piece of jewellery. Whether it's a debut of something daring, or a gentle expression of unending love — here are the best Valentine’s Day jewellery gift ideas for her (or even for him).


Buying Valentine’s Day Jewellery For Her


Treat your special someone with a ruby, a morganite, or a pink sapphire, for a festive and romantic gift. Or opt for a bolder choice with emerald, tanzanite, or aquamarine — any of which will make a powerful statement. And while Valentine's Day is an excellent excuse to go all out in the jewellery department, don't overlook the smaller pieces. A petite pearl necklace, delicate shell pendant, or even a hand-stamped letter pendant is always in style.

Finally, give thought to the material you’re choosing to craft your piece. Platinum, yellow or rose gold all hold their own special appeal. Two-tone styles can also be a great option to mix favourites and bring even more interest to your jewellery. For an even more heartfelt gift, go with a personalized necklace or bracelet with a secret message inside.


The Best Valentine's Day Jewellery Gift Ideas For Her


A Personalized Necklace


One Of A Kind Personalized Necklace Gift For Valentines Day - DeGem


The best gift is something that comes from the heart, is original, and is completely unique! This Valentine’s Day, show your special someone just how much they mean to you with a one-of-a-kind personalized necklace customised to their taste. Add something personal to it — their initials, the date of your anniversary, or a special quote you both share — and make it truly memorable.

Engrave a secret message within the pendant of this personalised necklace (inspired by the concept of a love letter) and have your loved one wear it close to their heart. Or get a pendant of her zodiac star sign to remind her of her unique strengths.  


Diamond Earrings


Diamond Bracelet Is A Great Jewellery Gift For Valentines Day - DeGem


For something simple yet timeless, you can’t go past a classic pair of diamond earrings. There’s no need to overthink this classic piece of jewellery. Two-way earrings pack plenty of versatility; wear them lightly as plain studs, or swing the other way with a halo of diamonds to elevate your look. Also consider hoop earrings for a stylish, yet understated touch, or huggie earrings for practical, everyday chic (perfect for women who don’t want to fuss over latches or posts). Browse our beautiful selection of earrings online.




Diamond Bracelet Is A Great Jewellery Gift For Valentines Day - DeGem


An ultra-feminine accessory that works for both casual and formal occasions, bracelets are a great jewellery gift for Valentine’s Day. Adorn your loved one’s wrist with a dazzling diamond tennis bracelet, exquisitely crafted with a uniform array of diamonds. Or for something with more colour and intrigue, opt for a multi-colour sapphire bracelet studded with shimmering gemstones. DeGem offers a wide selection of bracelets online here.


Hummingbird Necklace


Show your deep connection and devotion with this meaningful, whimsical gift for her this Valentine’s Day. Utterly magical, this hummingbird diamond necklace celebrates the beauty of nature with its sparkling round diamonds and graceful curves. Hummingbirds are a symbol of good luck, intelligence, beauty, while their outstretched wings represent loyalty and lifelong love. We couldn't think of a more perfect token of your enduring affection.




Unique And Brilliant Romantic Valentines Day Gifts For Women - DeGem


At DeGem, you’ll find Valentine's Day gifts that are as unique and brilliant as the women who wear them. This Valentine's Day, treat your special someone to a romantic gift that truly captures the essence of your love. Whether it’s a personalised necklace, earrings, bracelet, hummingbird necklace, and more — any of these will make her heart sing. Find a heartfelt gift that captures the essence of your relationship. Shop today.


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