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BrilliantC® Unity 3-Stone Diamond Earring in 18K White Gold

Design Code: GE4978
MYR 8,800

Stronger when united. The BrilliantC® Unity collection is built on this testament, reinventing the classic prong setting with a modern aesthetic inspired by the union of two souls. Deep U-shaped lines rest on each other, allowing light to shine through the diamond for ultimate light performance — a beautiful representation of love’s unwavering promise of support, unity and commitment.

The three shimmering ideal-cut BrilliantC® diamonds on each 18K White Gold earring dances with light with every movement of the head, just like the twinkle in your eyes when you gaze at your beloved. An outstanding everyday accessory that reflects the affection that unites two hearts in their waltz through life together.

  • 18K White Gold
  • 6 ideal-cut BrilliantC® diamonds, available in 0.10 carat each
    - 3 x 0.10 carat, RM8,800
    - Also available in 3 x 0.15 carat, RM14,400. Contact us now. 
  • Design code: GE4978

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To learn more about BrilliantC® Diamond here: https://brilliantcdiamond.com

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